The Women of Cho

Women of Cho full book cover

Well folks it’s finally out at and Within a week or so it will be on Kindle, Google Books, and other options. The Women of Cho is the second book in a trilogy, Cale Dixon and the Moguk Murders being the first.

In the Women of Cho Monica Won Cho Stell has been invited by the Won family to South Korea to learn about her mother and her family history. Monica’s mother committed suicide when she was young to protect her daughter.

Detective Cale Dixon is driven from the hospital by his research boss and lover, Victoria Short. Dixon has recently been stabbed in the back, (near the end of Cale Dixon and the Moguk Murders), and is on the mend.

The Won family is preparing for Won Chanyu’s traditional funeral, and Mother Won is working on Monica’s safe passage. Father Won prefers to use Monica as a pawn to find her father, John Stell, who is believed to have killed Father Won’s brother in London for historic burial vault keys dating back through the ages.

John Stell disappeared 20 years ago, leaving Monica to fend for herself through pre-paid private school and university keeping her identity a secret from the Won. Monica now works for a congressman and is on leave to discover what she can about her Korean family side.

Rayman Stell, Monica’s cousin lost his mother and father to the Won, and is now suspected of killing Won Chanyu in San Francisco. Both families are on edge as Cale Dixon orchestrates a convergence in Seoul, South Korea.

I hope you enjoy the book, The Women of Cho. ISBN # 987-1-63135-780-0. All rights reserved.

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