David C Dagley

Author David DagleyDavid DagleyDavid C Dagley began life in California, studied in Europe and now enjoys travelling the world, after spending 14 years working on Tug Boats in the Bering Sea. He has published 3 books, two of which follow the international adventures of Cale Dixon, a San Francisco Detective, who gets drawn into multicultural mysteries around the world. David is keen to hear feedback on his books, and to enthral not only with his works of fiction, but also with regular updates as he travels the world. Follow his travels here, read his full bio here and find out more about the books below ...

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Cale Dixon and the Moguk Murders

Meet Cale Dixon, a suspended detective who is assigned a case just prior to his reinstatement. A South Korean man has been murdered: his mouth stuffed with Moguk rubies and a knife stuck in his back, a weapon that has been passed down though generations of Cho Dynasty women. [read more]

Cale Dixon and the Women of Cho

The thrilling sequel to the Moguk Murders, the Women of Cho sees Cale Dixon in more trouble after being stabbed; and there are people out there that are depending on his every move to stay alive ... [read more]

White Bars

White Bars is a light-hearted farce that truly soars. Could anything be crueler than caging a bird that only wants to fly and enjoy its freedom? Meet a worldly myna bird caged in a pet shop next to a young myna that has never flown. The older myna plots an escape, but will the other animals want to join them? [read more]

An update from David Dagley

Other than writing, my passions in life are travel and photography. You can read about my travels and see a whole host of my favorite photographs over on my travel blog, but I'd like to share a few recent images from my travels here on my homepage (click each image for the full gallery).