White Bars

White Bars David DagleyTitle: White Bars
Published by: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency, LLC
Release Date: 17 Nov. 2010
Pages: 100
ISBN13: 978-1609114695

White Bars is the comical tale of two myna birds trapped in neighboring cages in a pet shop, and their plot to escape. Soren, a young myna plucked from his nest as an egg, has never known what it means to be free. But Fife, an older, worldly bird does, and he longs to fly home to the tropical forests across the Pacific Ocean. Every evening after the pet shop closes, the store becomes a stock market where the caged animals trade what they have for what they want: seed, sand, plants and bugs. Will Soren and Fife be able to barter for their freedom? Or will their wings stay clipped? 
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The two myna birds kept staring at each other through the white bars of their cages.

Fife eyeballed the young myna bird and said quietly, "Hello."

The young myna returned the greeting. "Hello. You look like me."

Fife replied in a whisper, "That's why I'm here."


“White Bars is both funny and painful, melancholy and inspiring; it takes a comical, imaginary situation – full of humor and charm – that lets honest truths (about freedom, friendship, and independence) come through the cracks of this heartwarming, thoughtful novel. The line, between the sentimental and the meaningful, is walked exquisitely by author David Dagley; he allows for emotions without manipulating the reader and tempers the more tender passages with hijinks and witty banter. Soren and Fife – though birds – are well drawn characters, expressing unique personalities and voices … Mr. Dagley artfully constructs anthropomorphic figures who an audience can relate with, laugh with, and cheer for – which is not an easy task … There is a lot of originality to White Bars, a definite style and tone wholly the author’s own, and it is sure to leave an indelible mark on the reader. We are drawn into a creative space unlike any we’ve ever known, and I found it difficult to leave this little world with all its compelling animal characters, most of whom seemed more human than many literary characters I’ve come across. This is a wonderful book from start to finish. Five stars without a doubt.”

E. Lund

This book is written in an entertaining and humorous style, appropriate for any age group. Dagley has brought the animals to life! You can't help picturing all the colors, smells and sounds of the pet shop. White Bars is not only entertaining to read but it educates the readers about the illegal animal trade that is a global epidemic. Dagley helps us understand how important it is to stop the buying and selling of illegal and most the times endangered species on the black market while cracking us up all the while! Well written! FUN story! I look forward to more by this author...