Cale Dixon and the Women of Cho

Cale Dixon and the Women of ChoTitle: Cale Dixon and the Women of Cho
Published by: Sbpra
Release Date: 21 Jan. 2016
Pages: 294
ISBN13: 978-1631357800

Monica Won Cho Stell has been invited by the Won family to South Korea to learn about her mother and her family's history. Her mother committed suicide when Monica was young to protect her daughter. Detective Cale Dixon is driven from the hospital by his research boss and lover, Victoria Short. Dixon was recently stabbed in the back and is now on the mend. The Won family is preparing for Won Chanyu's traditional Korean funeral, and Mother Won is working on Monica's safe passage. Father Won prefers to use Monica as a pawn to find her father, who is believed to have killed Father Won's brother in London for vault keys. John Stell disappeared 20 years ago, leaving Monica to fend for herself through prepaid private school and university. Monica now works for a congressman and is on leave to discover what she can about her family. Rayman Stell, a cousin who lost his mother and father to the Won, is suspected of killing Chanyu Won in San Francisco. Both families are on edge as Cale Dixon orchestrates a convergence in Seoul, South Korea. This international thriller is the sequel to Cale Dixon and the Moguk Murders. World traveler David C. Dagley grew up in Mill Valley, California, lived in Alaska for 24 years, and has been traveling primarily in Southeast Asia for the past four years. The inspiration for the book came from the four years he taught English in South Korea and the curiosity surrounding Korean culture. This is his third book.
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Both daughters looked at their mother through brown eyes and waited patiently for the news.

"Your brothers are home, all of them. Your oldest brother, Chanyu, you know was murdered at the museum in San Francisco and his body has been delivered unharmed and is going to be prepared for burial by your father and your second brother, Jie. I started making Chanyu's death dress, his suui, at the beginning of the new leap moon after I learned of his death. And Jie brought Ji Tun's daughter with him, your niece. Her name is Monica Won Cho Stell. You know all too well the story behind the Stell's." Mother grabbed another cucumber while thinking of the Stell's. She chopped the ends off and peeled the green skin off into a soup pot and placed the light lime green flesh on the cutting board. "Anyway, Monica brought the family Un Jangdo back from America with her."

"That's great! Is she pretty?" asked Hegin while bending over a garden bucket peeling husks off cloves of garlic. Her long thick hair contoured and draped loosely over her shoulders.

Mother replied, "Your brother thinks so. He says she looks like a Korean movie star, like the ones in the posters you all used to put up on your walls when you were teenagers."


“Culture and crime intersect in this dynamic thriller about love, family, and betrayal … This compelling sequel carries our dogged detective into further webs of intrigue and deceit – and all the way to Seoul, South Korea. Ancient grudges are unearthed and plots put into motion as waring families, personal vendettas, and cruel revenges unfold throughout the pages of The Women of Cho: Heart and Seoul. With skill and a perfect sense of tempo, Mr. Dagley reveals twist after twist, drawing the reader into a realm both foreign – and spookily familiar.

“The highlight of this novel is definitely the characters. The Women of Cho has a full, complex cast that interacts and intersects dramatically; each hero and villain is complete and fleshed-out on his or her own, but it is the interplay of these diverse personalities – and their entwined pasts – that proves most compelling … The various foreign locations come alive, becoming essential to the story itself … This is definitely a hard book to put down.”

E. Lund

"This suspenseful sequel is not only a fascinating book, but it takes readers on a mad dash around the world to solve murders with the aid of Cale Dixon, from the prequel. We are pleased to be the publisher of such fine novels,"

Robert Fletcher, CEO of Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency.

"The Women of the Cho is a very engaging and interesting novel. While the reader is left hanging in Cale Dixon and the Moguk Murders, The Women of the Cho rapidly engages the reader back into the pace established with eagerness to participate in solving the mysterious murder. Travel to multiple countries from Burma, South Korea, England, and the United States with exposure to different cultures, history and fiction woven together. Experience love, power, family, loyalty, murder, trust, passion and honor. It is easy to be absorbed by the traditions, ceremonies, spiritual beliefs, superstition, and customs that are introduced, balancing the familiar with the unknown.

The characters develop and we understand them at a deeper level, as relationships evolve to a deeper level. New characters are introduced mingling and displaying their unique motivations and drivers. Their stories intertwine with suspense and thrill stimulating a range of emotions from excitement, apprehension, sadness, fear, relief and more. The suspense and intrigue lead the reader to desiring more chapter by chapter. This is a novel for readers who like to read every word and enjoy the thrill of adventure, and the game of guessing, right to the last word. The mystery and suspense increases as does the readers pulse. "

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