‘The Women Of Cho’ A Review.

Women of Cho book cover

The Women of the Cho is a very
engaging and interesting novel.   While the reader is left
hanging in Cale Dixon and the Moguk Murders, The Women of
the Cho rapidly engages the reader back into the pace
established with eagerness  to participate in solving the
mysterious murder.  Travel to multiple countries from
Burma, South Korea, England, and the United States with
exposure to different cultures, history and fiction woven
together.  Experience love, power, family, loyalty, murder,
trust, passion and honor.   It is easy to be absorbed by
the traditions, ceremonies, spiritual beliefs, superstition,
and customs that are introduced, balancing the familiar with
the unknown.

characters develop and we understand them at a deeper level,
as relationships evolve to a deeper level.  New characters
are introduced mingling and displaying their unique
motivations and drivers.  Their stories intertwine with
suspense and thrill stimulating a range of emotions from
excitement, apprehension, sadness, fear, relief and more.
The suspense and intrigue lead the reader to desiring more
chapter by chapter.  This is a novel for readers who like
to read every word and enjoy the thrill of adventure, and
the game of guessing, right to the last word.  The mystery
and suspense increases as does the readers pulse.

Cheers to your new book and
the next chapter which I hope isn’t too far away!

Jane 🙂

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